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What does the fee indicated per product include?

Credit and Debit cards are debited on the day of shipping by Jagged House. All prices include sales taxes (where applicable) unless otherwise stated, and no charge is made for shipping. We have a policy of free shipping worldwide unless otherwise stated.

Am I covered legally?

Every purchase you make shall be deemed performed in Malta. Maltese law shall govern every aspect of contractual agreement concerning purchases made from the Site.

When is the product dispatched?

We aim to arrange shipment or local posting of all ‘in stock’ items within 1 day - 5 days from receiving your order. Some items may be unavailable and the current stock status is approximate. For Christmas Deliveries, we recommend that you order by the 18th December. The period stated within which you will receive your order is approximate. However we give a guarantee of 21 days. Goods will be sent to the address given by you in your order and stated in the Order Confirmation.

What do you I do if I have a question about the order and if I haven`t received the product (s) I ordered?

For any queries you might have we’ll be happy to assist you. Kindly send an e-mail to sales@jaggedhouse.com

How will I know if the product I ordered has been dispatched, stolen etc..?

Before contacting our customer support kindly allow for the full 21 days. Once this period has elapsed we will contact you and ask you if you want us to cancel your booking and of course refund you the full amount or if you want us to re-send the product.

Do I have to open an account in order to buy?

Yes .This makes our system efficient and you would not have to enter your billing details every time you wish to purchase from this site. We take your on-line security very seriously and trace all server connections via IP address. Giving false information on a commercial website or improperly obtaining access to same is a crime in the European Union.

Ive forgotten my password.

Don’t worry simply notify sales@jaggedhouse.com with your e-mail address and you will be given the pass word via e-mail.

How do I buy a ticket on Jagged House?

Tickets can be added to your basket in the same way you add any Jagged store item. You then simply checkout as normal.

Do I need to set up a special account to buy Jagged House or event Tickets from this site?

No. If you already have a Jagged House account then you can buy tickets straight away. If you do not have an account with us you will need to create one which is simple and only takes a minute.

How much is delivery?

As with everything you buy on Jagged House , Tickets include all delivery charges

How long will delivery take?

Tickets for many events are only issued a few days or weeks before the event takes place. This means for example, that if you buy tickets for an event that is three months away you may only receive the tickets several days before the event takes place. Details per ticket/ event will be specified accordingly. We normally do not allow ticket sales on the last day of the event as local postage will take at least 2 days. If for some reason you will not receive the tickets in time kindly inform our sales team and we’ll make sure you can pick them up at the box office or event ticket door.

What happens if an event is cancelled and not rescheduled?

If an event is cancelled and not rescheduled, all buyers will be sent an email advising them how they can get a refund for their tickets.

How do I buy a Download track?

All the downloads available at Jagged House are purchased in exactly the same way as any other item from this site. Simply follow these steps: Search for the track or album you wish to find or browse using our search option. When you find what you want, click the ‘Buy’ button to add the item(s) to your basket. Once you have finished shopping, click ‘Checkout’ and complete the checkout procedure.

What file format is the Jagged House music downloads in?

All of the downloads available at Jagged House are in the MP3 file format. This is the most common format for digital audio, so that the widest possible range of computer media players and portable music players will be compatible with the music you download from us.

How good is the quality of the music from Jagged House?

All the music files at Jagged House are at 192Kbit/s .The 192Kbit/s tracks deliver sound quality which is virtually indistinguishable from CD quality.

How long will it take to download?

The download time will vary depending on the size of the file and the speed of the Internet connection being used. An MP3 track of 5MB would take approximately 30 seconds to download on a standard broadband connection.

Is downloading music legal?

All downloads available at Jagged House are fully licensed by the copyright holders making downloading from us 100% legal.

Is there anything else you would like to ask?

If there’s more questions which haven’t been covered in our FAQs kindly send your queries to sales@jaggedhouse.com and we’ll make sure to reply.

Black - band AI - (T-Shirts)
Airport Impressions

Black cotton short sleeve t-shirt. Colour is in black only. The print on the front of the T-SHIRT is the pic of Airport Impressions. Sizes are small, medium ,large and XXL . Please check for availability.

9.99 (Euro)

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Ira Losco ()
A photographic journal by ALLEN VENABLES
€35.00 (Euro)
Airport Impressions (T-Shirts)
Black - band AI
€9.99 (Euro)
Tribali (T-Shirts)
Women- LIGHT BLUE -album cover
€15.00 (Euro)
Tribali (T-Shirts)
The elephants of Lanka - Men-BLACK
€15.00 (Euro)
The Rifffs (T-Shirts)
Moon Stomp -Unisex
€12.99 (Euro)
Ira Losco (T-Shirts)
Masked black - Unisex T-shirt
€12.99 (Euro)
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